Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Where's the 'bring' recycling centre gone?

The Borough Council have moved the recycling bins (glass, clothes etc) from next to the Co-Op by Morpeth Bus Station!

I've seen a number of people turning up with carrier bags full of bottles, or parking up, opening their car boot - and then looking round in a rather puzzled manner.

In fact - there is a sign saying the bins have been moved to the Terrace Car Park (by the library) - but it is rather small, and you have to get quite close to the map to wirk out the new location...

- which will be OK for people with car loads of recyclables, but more difficult for those of us walking whilst struggling with carrier bags.

I guess it is all part of preparation for the Town Centre redevelopment - can't quite remember if the new lay-out for Back Riggs included a recycling centre. I rather feel it should...

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