Sunday, 31 October 2010

Hunt the witch?

Wiccan friends of mine are offended by the ‘Hunt the Witch’ promotion by Newgate St shops for Hallowe’en – where you are supposed to seek out stereotypical images of witches in the shop windows. After all, a ‘Hunt the Jew’ promotion with Shakespearian images of Jews wouldn’t be acceptable – so why are Shakespearian images of witches acceptable?

I guess with the Northumbrian witch trials of the 17th century, there is a historic basis. Then again – I don’t know if Rapper Dance traditions are similar to Morris Dance imagery, but if they were – there could be cultural justification for a ‘Find the Moor in Morpeth’ promotion.

Fundamentally though – we do need to be careful that popular imagery does not colour the way we think about any group of people.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Road Closure Warning - Damside

Cheapskate County Council expecting Town Councillors to do their comms work for them for nothing....

Damside closed from Staithes Lane to Telford Bridge Sunday 17th, 24th, 30th Oct
..... Morrisons and the Sanderson Arcade won't be pleased!

"Essential maintenance works are about to be carried out to the A197, Damside, Morpeth. The work involves the removal of the existing surface, laying new surfacing and road markings. Due to the traffic sensitivity of this particular road and the extensive disruption these works would cause during the normal working week, the decision has been made to restrict the carrying out of the works to Sundays only.
The works are intended to be carried out in stages over three consecutive Sundays, starting 17th October 2010. In order to comply with safety regulations relating to required safe working zones for operatives a temporary road closure will be required during the course of the works . A fully signed diversion route will be put in place over this duration. Please find attached a copy of an O.S. plan showing,coloured red, the extent of the surfacing works and the temporary diversion route that will be put in place during the operations."