Friday, 4 April 2008

Perks of Freedom of the Borough

The Freedom of the Borough - which we are granting to HMS Northumberland and to Morpeth Pipe Band tomorrow - only carries two perks as far as I'm aware:

first - the right to march through Morpeth with bayonets fixed and banners flying
second - the right to graze your sheep and cattle on Morpeth Common and Tommy's Field between March and September

Currently, only the Royal Fusiliers and the redoubtable Isobel Smail hold the honour - and, to the best of my knowledge, Isobel Smail hasn't used the bayonet since she retired from looking after the shop, while the Royal Fusiliers only have a goat as mascot.

I'm fairly confident that HMS Northumberland won't be wanting to pasture livestock either, but I've a suspicion that Stewart Todd and the Pipe Band might take the opportunity for the occasional march though.

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Anonymous said...

Email from Stewart Todd:

Good to see you are keeping abreast of matters. The Pipe Band may have a herd of Haggis to rear and fatten up on the common before next Burns Night. They are quiet, shy and timid beasts and Tommy's field is to close to the town centre and they will be disturbed and upset by the huge yellow signage and the vapours from the new monstrosoty of a petrol station. We will keep them out of the way!
Best regards
Stewart Todd