Tuesday, 1 April 2008

An Apology?

2nd April: Ok - that was a rather wishful April Fool (though it caught a Morpeth Herald reporter!) - public agencies like the post office don't generally admit mistakes or apologise.

So - in less than six months time, the Co-Op franchise post office in Back Riggs will close - and to the best of my knowledge, there's no new franchisee - let alone a new site - in view.

There's a lot of political talk that the new unitary authority might 'do an Essex' and run rural post offices itself - but I can't see that being sorted out within the next six months.

I've also heard rumours that GMDT are talking to Business Link with a view to taking on the Post Office - but if so, they are being (necessarily) secretive about it.

So - if you've heard any rumours - or you actually know what might be going on, please post a comment here!

1st April: The Post Office has apologised and admitted that they were wrong in closing the Crown Post Office on Oldgate.
"We now recognise that a market town like Morpeth which serves a wide community needs a main post office."
Plans are in place to re-open the Oldgate Post Office when the Co-Op franchise post office in Back Riggs closes at the end of October.

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