Monday, 7 April 2008

Town Council Survey

The latest Morpeth Town Council ‘Town Cryer’ is a special issue.

It’s a survey to try to find out how people in Morpeth rate the things the Town Council does at the moment – and what sort of services it should consider picking up during the imminent free-for-all that is local government re-organisation.

I’ve had a couple of people complain to me that it looks a little like electioneering, but I’ve been assured by the LibDems who currently run the Town Council that nothing was further from their minds.


It is actually very important that people respond to this survey: if we are going to retain any sort of local control in Morpeth, the Town Council needs to take responsibility for a number of things that the Borough Council does at the moment, and which could go to the new unitary authority, or be abandoned altogether if nothing is done. (allotments, grass-cutting, the market charter spring to my mind)

Trouble is – the LibDems running the Town Council are cautious about raising and spending Council Tax even when we are talking about relatively small sums of money – so they are looking to this survey to give them a mandate.

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