Thursday, 10 April 2008

What's the competition like?

Interesting range of candidates standing in Morpeth North.

Of course, I shouldn't bang on about being the only candidate living in the ward - given the coverage that the Morpeth Herald has given to my fellow-Green, Peter Snowdon (Ponteland West), on account of his Brussels address - though it is tempting.

What does surprise me is that both LibDems and Labour are bringing in candidates with no track record in the ward - as if the party name is enough, who the candidate is doesn't really matter.

I think the Tory might well be in with a chance - he has worked the ward in several elections.

And then, John Beynon beat me by 12 votes in the Borough election last May. But that was for three seats - and everyone voting for me or John had two votes to give to someone else. So the question is - where people voting for me as their 'first choice' last year or did I get mainly 'also-ran' votes. Logically - they should have been 'first choice' votes - because the LibDems, Tories and Labour were encouraging people to vote by party bloc.

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