Thursday, 14 August 2008

Considerate Constructors - Inconsiderate Car Drivers

I'm very disappointed that NCC has decided to close the Lumsden Lane alley onto the Market Place - after I lobbied so hard to keep it open.

The issue is 'conflict' between pedestrians and vehicles creating safety hazards. Yes - Maunsells' works vehicles and M&S delivery lorries have to be there, but the understanding arrived at through Dick Phillips at NCC was that the contractors and M&S would have staff to direct pedestrians during deliveries and he (Dick) would keep a watching brief.

That lasted nearly two weeks - but (and Dick has promised me photos - watch this space) apparently, car users and other lorries were still coming down to the hammerhead junction, parking recklessly and endangering pedestrians. And - reportedly, pedestrians did not seem alert to dangers from vehicles either. In fact - it was (to quote Dick) 'dangerous chaos'.

So - the access has been closed to both vehicles and pedestrians, so that access from Back Riggs onto Bridge Street and the Market Place is now very restricted. Boulevard's pizzeria, the Jewellers' Guild and the Wednesday Market are all suffering.

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