Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Both Sainsbury's AND Tesco's?

News on the Morpeth Herald website that Tesco's is proposing to build a store in Morpeth -
- up at Coopies Lane

Apart from planning restrictions which would not (as far as I'm aware) allow food retail on Coopies Lane (even the car show rooms had to jump through hoops to set up there) - IMO, a supermarket (whether it is Tesco's or Sainsbury's - or [Govt forbid!] both) on the edge of the town - would kill Morpeth town centre stone dead, in the teeth of anything the Dransfield development achieves.

And again - a retail consultant's report commissioned by CMBC identifies (after the Morrison store expansion takes place) that there is no demand for additional 'convenience' (ie foods etc) retail floorspace at all until 2025 and beyond.

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