Friday, 15 August 2008

Local food is less expensive

Food costs are going up mainly due to increasing oil and fuel prices. So it stands to reason that local food that hasn't travelled so far (lower foodmiles) is not going up in price as much as supermarket food, let alone imported or airfreighted food.
And again, organic producers who don't use petrochemical-derived fertilisers, pesticides or herbicides will have lower costs than non-organic producers - so expect the price difference between organic produce and non-organic produce to reduce.
Look to farmers' markets, farm shops and local shops with local suppliers for relatively low prices.

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Bob R said...


An additional supermarket is almost an inevitability and probably a desirable one.
best option may well be tesco on the sainsbury site. that should keep the planners busy!
What do you have to say about the chair of the chamber of trade suggesting the hospital the library and goosehill as alternative sites? :0)
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