Thursday, 13 March 2008

What’s a DPPO then?

The Borough Council is currently consulting on introducing DPPO’s in Morpeth and Ponteland. It’s mainly an initiative from my Unholy Alliance colleague Cllr Glen Sanderson, but I see in Focus that the LibDems are enthusiastically taking credit for the idea.

A DPPO – Designated Public Places Order – gives the police powers to confiscate alcohol from anyone drinking in the defined public place, which is this instance will be the whole of Morpeth.

Of course, the police can already sieze alcohol from under-18’s drinking in public as the recent haul reported in the Morpeth Herald shows. However, the DPPO is supposed to make it easier for the police to handle mixed groups of youngsters – some of whom may be over 18.

I gather that particular locations like pavement café-style tables, or special events can get exemptions from the blanket order.

So – what do you think?

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