Tuesday, 11 March 2008

LibDems go for Moore rather than Les

Another of those amusing LibDem newsletters has just arrived. The most (almost the only) interesting item of news was that sitting County Councillor Les Cassie has not been selected to stand in Morpeth North in the upcoming election.

Two possible reasons I can think of:
i) Les has had enough after just two years as a County Councillor and one as a Borough Councillor, which is surprising since I’d have thought he’d committed himself for four years on each or
ii) They badly want Les elected, and don’t consider Morpeth North a safe seat – which I think I’ll take as a personal compliment

Either way – it is a bit of an insult to the electors of Morpeth North to think that just any LibDem candidate parachuted in has a chance of winning. I’m sure their new candidate, David Moore, is a good chap, but does anyone know anything about him?

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