Friday, 7 March 2008

Intimidation and anonymity in Middle Greens

I’ve received an anonymous letter drawing my attention to the fact that youngsters gathering around a bench in Middle Greens are causing passers by the feel intimidated. A solution of relocating the bench is proposed.

While I appreciate why the letter is anonymous, it makes it difficult to find out more information – and I’m concerned that people think I would be indiscreet with people’s names in this situation.

I’m sure the situation is serious, and information about criminal damage and antisocial behaviour has quite rightly gone to the police. Certainly the recent police purge on underage drinking in Morpeth has made an impact. But, the Borough Council also has powers relating to antisocial behaviour – actions other than moving the bench might be possible if I could talk privately to the complainant.

So – I’m passing the letter on to the Borough Council’s ASB officers and to the Town Council who are responsible for the bench. I’m not inclined to report back through the Morpeth Herald as was suggested – that route may generate more heat than light.

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