Friday, 14 March 2008

Signs & Lights

Looks as though Morrison’s have overstepped the mark with their new filling station. They needed separate planning permission to put up those gaudy yellow signs, and the pricing sign – and they didn’t get it before they erected them. So there’s a retrospective planning application (CM/20080188) seeking permission. If refused they’d have to take the signs down.

Now – I’ve had a number of complaints, mainly from Dacre Street and River View, about the excessive lighting at the filling station – and I would see this as an opportunity to get this looked at too.

I’d also hope that another couple of issues could be addressed at the same time:
i) whether the LPG tanks create a safety hazard in their current location (or at all)
ii) whether rumours that the station is going to operate on a 24-hour basis, and whether planning permission is needed for this

Comments? There’s about three weeks to get objections in.

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