Monday, 31 March 2008

Morrison's Filling Station

Update 19th April: The amended retrospective planning application is available on the CMBC website - and the deadline for comments is 28th April. It is likely the application will be considered at the Development Services Committee on 13th May.

Update: 1st April - word from CMBC Planners:

We are in discussions with the architects with regard to amendments to the current design.
The MORRISONS sign on the gable of the kiosk has been removed and the illuminated signs around the car wash have been permanently switched off.
We have asked for a less garish colour to the yellow around the canopy and have also asked that the brightness of the illuminated signs is reduced.
We have advised that the petrol pumps can be used between 7am to 11pm, outside of these hours the signs will not be illuminated.

Original Post:

I've now submitted the following comments on the retrospective application for signage & lighting at the new Morrison's Filling Station on Dark Lane - Applicn CM/20080188 (deadline for comments - 3rd April)

As ward councillor for Morpeth North Central, I would like to raise the following objections reflecting comments raised with me by constituents to granting retrospective permission on the above application:

the level of lighting is excessive and poorly directed. It creates as serious light pollution problem when viewed from Dacre Street or Fenwick Grove. In contrast, street lighting and the lighting in the new Dark Lane car park has been designed to be at an appropriate level and to illuminate only those areas which need lighting. I understand that recent Government guidance makes light pollution a statutory nuisance.

the colour and size of the signage is too vivid for a gateway to the town which has until now reflected the natural character of the river valley. This is not an urban setting. The signage and colour of the nearest Morrison’s filling station at Cowgate in Newcastle is in an urban setting, but seems much less virulent

the maximum opening hours of the filling station should be 7am-10pm to avoid light pollution becoming a problem, and to retain the character of this part of Morpeth. Opening any later may result in the late evening activity in the town centre sprawling outwards and becoming more difficult to manage.

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Nic said...

Jonathan Ferstenberg, Town Councillor and resident of Fenwick Grove has circulated a letter to local residents:


Dear Neighbour,

As you may know, Morrison’s submitted a Retrospective Planning Application to cover the design of the new petrol station (e.g., the yellow fascia, etc.). Following some public comments, they have more recently submitted an Amended Retrospective Application.
The Borough Council has told me that I am prohibited by copyright laws from giving you a copy of these amended plans, but you can view them at the link below:
You can also view them by going to and then go to “Environment and Planning,” then “Planning,” then “Planning Applications,” then “Planning Application Search.” Click on “Search Recent Planning Applications,” then “Specific Application,” then type in CM/20080188. Click on that number when on the next screen, then click on “Related Documents” at the bottom of the screen, then open the “Amended Plan.”
As a Town Councillor myself, I do not want to influence your opinion on this issue. However, I do think that you should know that you have the opportunity to respond to this Amended Retrospective Application. If you would like to voice your opinion, a letter should be sent to JH Edmundson, Planning Services Manager, Castle Morpeth Borough Council, Longhirst Hall, Longhirst, Morpeth, Northumberland, NE61 3LR. Please include the following reference number: CM/20080188. Letters must be received by 28 April.