Saturday, 2 February 2008

There can only be one!

Campaigning for the new unitary authority reminds me of the slogan from the old ‘Highlander’ series of films – where, in the end, ‘there can only be one’ victor.

In Morpeth North (and) Central, the electorate has chosen councillors of a fairly wide range of political colours over the last few years including LibDem, Labour, Independent and of course Green. Under the new unitary – you will have to decide on just one councillor to represent you – instead of hedging your bets with a mixed bag of one County and three Borough councillors. And you’d better think carefully, because the way things are looking, you are going to be stuck with this one councillor for five years – that’s till 2013 – before you’ll get another election.

I’d suggest (but then I would, wouldn’t I) – that you’d be best off with a councillor with a clear political position, but one who has shown that they can work well with all political parties. Because – I reckon that there’ll need to be some serious coalition-building after May 1st.

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