Wednesday, 20 February 2008

How Green are you? The Government speaks…

We’re all Green these days – so the Government has decided to grade us in shades of Green.

Almost a fifth of the population of the UK are a deep shade of green with a high level of concern for the environment and a commitment to doing whatever possible to tackle climate change. This finding comes a DEFRA-commissioned survey of attitudes and behaviours towards the environment in areas such as transport usage, including cars and planes; use of water and energy and views on waste.

As well as the ‘deep green’ group, the survey found that two other groups of people amounting to 28%, described as ‘concerned supporters’ and ‘sideline supporters’ are also able and willing to change their behaviour. These groups do need motivation for example by engaging them through communications, community action and targeting individual opinion leaders. Barriers such as lack of information and facilities also need to be removed. (ie local and national government have got to get their finger out!) Putting the three groups together means that almost half the population have a high potential and desire to do more for the environment.

The survey also identified a ‘waste watcher’ group and a further group of ‘cautious participants’ who were ‘willing to do a couple of things to help the environment, as long as they saw others were doing something’. These two groups amount to almost a quarter of respondents.

The third cluster of groups, amounting to under one fifth of respondents include the ‘Stalled starters’ with the attitude of ‘I don’t know much about climate change’ and the ‘Honestly disengaged’ who take the view that: ‘Maybe there’ll be an environmental disaster, maybe not. Makes no difference to me’.

Now all we need is some politicians at local and national level working to removed the institutionalized ‘ungreenness’ of government and economy, so they people can really live to their green aspirations

Vote for me – vote Green Party!


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