Friday, 1 February 2008

Getting things into perspective...

They say that late January – early February is one of the most depressing times of the year, so isn’t it good of the LibDems to try to cheer us up with that whimsy of half-truths and judicious silences that is the ‘Focus’ newsletter! It is a shame that you really have to know the full truth of what they are getting at to appreciate some of the ironies fully – and yes, the politicians of the other parties are remiss in not getting their version of what’s going on out. This blog and my website still only get through to a select few – though I know the number is growing…

There are some amusing tit-bits in the recent January Focus – I particularly liked:

  • the suggestion that LibDems had any sort of influence on the Environment Agency’s schedule for flood prevention & protection in Morpeth
  • the reference to confusion over recycling as though LibDems had clarified things themselves. (Incidentally – the recent inclusion of Fawdon into the door step glass recycling in Longhirst village round was down to my intervention)
  • but most of all, the implied suggestion that the LibDems have any chance of gaining an overall majority on the new unitary council.

The most likely outcome is one of ‘no overall control’ – and two parties will have form a coalition. The LibDems campaigned themselves out of forming in coalition on the Borough Council in last May’s elections. And they are risking doing the same this May!

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