Sunday, 3 February 2008

Markets in transition...

A fair turn-out at Morpeth Farmers' Market today - and the Wednesday Market seems to be surviving the usual post-Christmas decline, despite the occasional cancellation due to high winds.

However - I'm worried about the future of the markets in the transition to the unitary authority. It's a small issue relative to the massive problems involved, but I think it is of major significance to Morpeth. I really can't see the new unitary authority being interested, or having resources, to run the Wednesday Market let alone any farmers' markets.

In theory, I'd have thought that the Morpeth Market Charter would properly come to the Town Council - but I'm not sure they'd be interested in actually running the market.

Then - I can't think of any organisation who would have an interest in running both Morpeth and Ponteland farmers' markets.

Even if there is no interest from parish or town councils, partnerships or trusts - at the very least I think there needs to be some sort of community group or social enterprise running the markets to protect their ethos and objectives.

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