Thursday, 5 November 2009

Friday Market - what do you think?

Tomorrow (Fri 6th Nov) is the last of the six week trial period of a Friday Market in Morpeth. There'll be no market on Friday 13th (understandably), the Chamber of Trade are hosting the Connental Market on Fri 20th (and Sat 21st) - then if the evaluation of the Friday Market is positive, it can return on Fri 27th.

But that's the point - unlike many Council-led consultations, this isn't predecided. There'll be a meeting of the Markets Forum on 18th Nov - when both enthusiasts and doubters will be able to report their experiences. NCC has carried out surveys of customers, traders and shopkeepers - and I'm pleased that the Chamber of Trade is having a meeting on 16th Nov to collate their evidence.

I'll be chairing the Forum meeting - and I'd appreciate any comments or more particularly experiences of the Friday market to feed in. I'm going to try to be systematic, looking at:
i) the practicalities of running the market on Friday (from NCC)
ii) the results of the surveys
iii) feedback from Chamber of Trade, Morpeth Town Council, GMDT and any other organisations with evidence
iv) feedback from the Friday traders, shopkeepers - and Wednesday traders
and v) feedback from the public

I hope that will cover everyone concerned - if not, let me know!

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