Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Party Leaders' Knock-out Competition?

Here’s an idea about Party Leaders’ Debates in the run-up to the General Election – a bit off-topic for a blog about Morpeth but….

I’m not happy about debates between Party Leaders being televised because they imply a presidential style of election, and people have enough problem understanding that they are voting for someone to become MP, and only indirectly for someone to become Prime Minister.
And… they will only feature the major two or three parties, which makes things even more difficult for us minor parties.

So why not have a knock-out series of debates in the style of the FA Cup?

The leaders of very small parties would be drawn against each other for debates televised on say Five – and a phone poll would take one of them through to the ‘next round’. And just like the FA Cup, the leaders of the major parties would enter the competition in later rounds – and the ‘final’ debate would get broadcast on BBC1 – the media equivalent of Wembley Stadium.

Well – I think it’s a good idea…

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