Thursday, 19 June 2008

Town Hall Scaffolding - Update

Despite rumours and reports to the contrary - the 'Phase 1' work on the Town Hall was always planned to take six months (rather than six weeks) - and the scaffolding should be down by midAugust.
Meantime - there's a change in artwork on the hoardings. The Town Council's 'children's maps of Morpeth' have come down - and we're getting for images of famous people linked with Morpeth from the GMDT, that's: Willian Turner (happy birthday!), Vanburgh (who designed the Town Hall front), Admiral Lord Collingwood (who the flats on Dark Lane are named after) and Emily Davison (see the newly refurbished grave) - for some reason Jim Rudd has not be included. Watch out for these pictures coming out on mugs, keyrings and T-shirts soon...
The actual work on the Town Hall includes cleaning and restoring the stonework, replacing the mortar and repointing - and fitting a lightening conductor for the first time (which is rather worrying - but badge it up as part of the climate change action plan).
It is also intended to remove the 1960's style formica-work toilets in the Buttermarket and replace them with new toilets elsewhere in the building, and perhaps fit a lift in somewhere.
I'm assured that any work in the Buttermarket can be planned to miss farmers' markets weekends (July 6th, Aug 3rd) - watch this space...

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