Sunday, 29 June 2008

Borough Council Executive Board 'On Tour'

The Executive Board is meeting in the Lower School Hall at KEVI on Thurs 10th July from 6pm, with an open 'public questions' session from 5.30pm. Unfortunately - the public are not allowed to speak during the actual commiteee meeting (though there are ways round the rule), so after question-time, it's very much 'come and watch - but don't touch - democracy in action'.
The Executive Board is the main decision-making body of the Council - apart from Full Council itself. It meets monthly - usually at Longhirst Hall - but twice or three times a year, it ventures out to other locations in and around the Borough. Last year, we went to Whalton, Heddon and Ponteland. This year. it's the 'school run' with KEVI in July and Ponteland High School in September or October (watch this space).
The agenda this month includes
  • a homelessness strategy (which will be taken up by Castle Morpeth Housing, and hopefully outlast the Council)
  • launch of a consultation on a programme of grants for private sector housing renewal
  • a planning policy to involve artwork in development schemes
  • a statement on the overall financial position of the Council
  • and the decision to sign of the North East Declaration on Fuel Poverty
I'm presenting four of the agenda items - so never mind democracy - come and see me in action!

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