Friday, 27 June 2008

Fallen Cherry Tree

The handsome cherry tree in Rotary Gardens fell down this morning - and was cleared away by the Borough Council's Green & Clean 'rapid response' team in about two hours.

It was a beautiful tree - especially in full blossom in spring.

The tree fell at around 10am - no vandalism was involved, it just seems that the ground was soft after rain, the roots shallow and there may have been a bit of rot in the trunk.

It fell across the path - fortunately no one nor any buildings were hit.

Council workman had reported the fallen tree within half an hour - and the Green & Clean 'rapid reaction' team were cutting up and removing the tree by 12noon. They had a 'chipper' but I hope some of the trunk wood was kept whole. Cherry wood can be superb for carving or woodworking.

Council policy is to replace fallen and removed trees with five new ones. The tree-planting season starts in November - and it is unlikely they'll ALL be planted in the Rotary Garden.

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