Friday, 14 December 2007

Unusual Christmas Presents - No 112

An advert coming by way of SENRUG

The North Eastern Tile Company of Pickering in North Yorkshire can now supply a complete set of tiles for a North Eastern Railway Map of the type still seen on the walls of Morpeth station.

The Craven and Dunnill factory of Ironbridge which made the originals has been defunct since the Second World War, but the Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust has started up a tile museum through which limited production of the originals is now possible.
They are all hand glazed, and to quote from the brochure
"the glazer`s skill still dictates whether or not all the map tiles have exactly the same glaze tint, and they still work to a metronome`s rhythm to achieve such perfection."

A three quarter size map is recommended for the average house, though no doubt you could get the original size in a large bathroom!

The address is Foundry Cottages, Wrelton, Pickering, York YO18 8PF.

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