Sunday, 19 August 2007

Consultation on Morpeth Cottage Hospital

The 'preferred options' for the future of Morpeth Cottage Hospital and 'improving health services in Morpeth' have been published for consultation. Cheery green and blue leaflets should be widely available - or else contact Diane Gonsalez tel 0191 219 6030 email

There'll be public meetings - in Morpeth Town Hall - on
Weds 5th Sept at 2pm (with a publicity stall on the market too)
Mon 10th Sept ar 6pm

Deadline for comments is 5th October.

In essence the proposals are:

i) close the Cottage Hospital on its current site
ii) build a new NHS outpatient clinic in Morpeth - with increased capacity and more equipment (MRI scanner, X-rays, ultrasound, echocardiography) than currently at the Cottage Hospital
iii) provide patient beds for end-of-life care and for 'slow stream rehabilitation' in an existing nursing home in Morpeth
iv) transfer the stroke rehabilitation and other in-patient beds at Morpeth Cottage Hospital to a 'dedicated unit' at Wansbeck General Hospital

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