Thursday, 30 August 2007

Roof falls in on Council

Well OK - the Town Hall ceiling collapsed on 16th August.
That is to say, an area of plaster fell from the ceiling on the first floor hall way which gives access to the Mayor’s Parlour, Chamber and Kitchen. As a result of the partial collapse, other areas have been further damaged and are at risk of falling.
Repair work began this week (w/b 27th Aug). Meanwhile the whole of the first floor of the Town Hall is now closed until at least Monday 24th September, though if repair and cleaning work go well - it may be possible to re-open earlier.
Events downstairs in the Town Hall (eg the farmers' market on Sun 2nd Sept) are unaffected and will go ahead as normal.
Any link between this event and the plans for a single unitary for Northumberland is coincidence not augury.

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