Friday, 27 April 2007

What's going on at the Morrison Road junction?

Back last November - NCC carried out a survey on traffic calming in the Hood Street -Fenwick Grove area which I helped publicise...

I found out the results of the survey in January and posted them on my website -

NCC Highways had 80+ responses to their consultation. The responses were almost unanimous in support of the changed priority and raised junction at the intersection of Morrison Road with Fenwick Grove, but some 26% were opposed to proposed modifications to the junctions of Hood Street, Olympia Gardens and Fenwick Grove with Howard Road

They are therefore only going ahead with the changes to the Morrison Road - Fenwick Grove intersection, which is what is being done now.

Speed monitoring in the area showed average speeds under 20mph in Hood Street, Olympia Gardens and Morrison Road and just 21.8 mph on Fenwick Grove. With this evidence, I think that the police would agree to making the area a 20 mph zone without further traffic calming measures.

Following lobbying from Howard Road, Terrace and Greystoke Gardens residents lead by Peter Allan - NCC Highways are likely to consult on traffic calming proposals for Howard Road in the next financial/municipal year (ie after April - probably in Oct/Nov again) - which may well include proposals for such a 20 mph zone.

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