Tuesday, 10 April 2007

So when are the threatened redevelopments and roadworks going to start?

Apart from the Back Riggs redevelopment, Northumbrian Water are planning major refurbishment of waterpipes in Morpeth over the summer - and the County Council want to resurface our roads.

We'll post any information about when and where that we can glean - watch this space

The current word is that:

Dransfield will be starting work 2nd week in May (plus/minus a week)
- starting with the new car park and petrol station on Dark Lane (Geoff Brown's Field) and a new roundabout at the end of Dacre Street. This is scheduled to take 12 weeks - so that'll take till early August

Work on constructing the new bus station and on the Sanderson Arcade would then start in September.

Northumbria Water are proposing to start work in early June - starting on Spelvit Lane. They've told the County Council Highways people that they'll keep off the main roads

There are also going to be major works on Wellway - installing water-holding tanks to reduce run-off rate and liability to flooding. This will involve very deep pits. I'm told this work will progress along Wellway in 7 metre sections - starting in August after the Dark Lane/Dacre Street roadworks are completed.

Meanwhile the County Council are planning to resurface the road between County Hall and Mafeking Roundabout - this will either start in the next couple of weeks - or be delayed until Feb/March next year

We're told that all security fencing etc used on these works will be robust enough to take hanging baskets towards Morpeth's entry in Britain in Bloom!

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