Thursday, 1 March 2007

Consultation on Local Plan

Another consultation - this time ‘Local Development Framework Preferred Options’ – deadline for comments 31st March.

Don’t be put off – this is the Local Plan – probably the most influential policy the Borough Council sets – it last fifteen years and defines where and how many houses will be built, where and how much employment land will be allocated, defines the boundaries of the Green Belt – and sets the framework for all Planning Committee decisions.

The new process the Government has set up for the LDF is ‘death by a thousand consultations’ – starting with a consultation on how to consult! But it’s now getting more interesting.....

This document sets the outline high-level policies for Castle Morpeth 2006-2021 – and you’ll get one more bite at this cherry in the Autumn, with the ‘Submission Draft’ which really says “is this what you said?” bore it goes off the Government for approval. Then there’ll be various Area Action Plans (Morpeth, Ponteland, Coastal Villages), specialist Supplementary Planning Documents etc – which I’ll try to keep reported here – but this is the main strategy document.

That’s ‘Local Development Framework (LDF) Preferred Options’ – deadline for comments 31st March to Its downloadable from the Castle Morpeth BC main website .

It covers nine areas:
i) Development Strategy – where we build and where we don’t
ii) Housing – how many and where, and how we get affordable housing
iii) Employment & Tourism
iv) Retail & Services
v) Environment – including the new proposed Green Belt around Morpeth
vi) Heritage & Built Environment
vii) Energy Conservation, ICT and Transport – including rules for wind farm locations
viii) Planning Obligations
ix) and Monitoring & Implementation

Do have a look at it – and get in touch with me if there are any aspects you’d like to discuss….

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