Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Consultation on Community Strategy

Castle Morpeth Local Strategy Partnership is currently consulting on a Sustainable Communities Strategy. Deadline for comments 23rd March.

OK – it’s yet another consultation – and because it has to fit the Government ‘Sustainable Communities’ template, and has to be ‘aligned’ with the Northumberland Local Area Agreement (don’t ask – or rather do ask – but not just now!) – it comes across as high level, vague jargon.

But don’t be put off! This little strategy and the action plan that emerges from it is going to determine the priorities for how any money is spent in Castle Morpeth over the next few years. So have a look and make sure it covers the things you think are important

The strategy and response form etc are downloadable from the main Castle Morpeth BC website

Deadline for responses – 23rd March – to Ailsa Coverdale

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