Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Traffic Warden Sighted in Morpeth

A traffic warden was on duty in Morpeth last Thursday.
The Chairman of the Town Council gave him an official welcome - read all about it in the Morpeth Herald (with pics!)

Seriously - there actually was a traffic warden in Morpeth last week: there are eleven traffic wardens covering the whole county - one has managerial responsibilities and two are on longterm sick - leaving just eight to actually do the job.

And there is a job to do!

Morpeth is terrible for cars parked on pavements, cars parks on double yellow lines etc - we need proper enforcement of on-street car parking.

Castle Morpeth BC is working to convince NCC and the Police to 'decriminalise enforcement of on-street car parking' - which would mean that our enthusiastic car park attendants would have powers to write tickets for cars parked illegally on the road - as well as in the Borough Council car parks. But it's a long slow process.....

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