Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Taking the credit

I was much amused as usual by the latest edition of the LibDem's 'Focus' newsletter. As always their use of partial truths to create a misleading impression is masterful and a lesson to all of us aspiring politicians.
Of course, 'Chancellor' Cllr David Parker has played a pivotal role as 'Executive Member of Corporate Governance' (which includes finance) in helping the Council's financial recovery. But he could not have done it on his own - it is the cross-party working in an all-party coalition which has made to recovery possible.
And I'm proud of my minor role in bringing the party groups together.
I take it as a sign of success of the coalition that different parties are each trying to take credit for what the Council has achieved over the past few years - rather than blaming each other for failures. I only hope the election campaign doesn't sour relationships between the parties too much - we (if I'm re-elected, 'they' otherwise) will have to work together again afterwards.
Oh - but it does rile me a bit seeing the LibDems trying to take credit for South East Northumberland Rail User Group's (SENRUG) successes. This is an apolitical lobbying group with no connections to any political party. I was involved in setting it up - but I've deliberately taken a back seat since - limited myself to being the contact between SENRUG and the Borough and Town Councils.
Election Imprint: Promoted by Nic Best, 57 Olympia Gardens, Morpeth NE61 1JQ on behalf of MidNorthumberland Green Party

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