Friday, 26 February 2010

Friday Market trial extended...

The current trial of a Morpeth Friday Market will be extended until Easter - so there'll be markets on Friday 19th and 26th.

Then no market on Good Friday - and not on Friday 9th, because that is Gathering Weekend, and the Market Place will be full of jugglers, centurions, punch & judy men and rioting peasants. (Not to unlike a normal Friday and Saturday night in Morpeth then?)
There will be some stalls from the Wednesday and Farmers' Markets at the Gathering too...

So, there'll be a final deliberation by the Markets Partnership on Weds 31st - and if the decision is yes, the Friday Market will be permanent from Friday 16th April.

So - get hold of a copy of the Council's survey (the only one that will be counted this time) - fill it in, and get your views heard.

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