Monday, 8 February 2010

Friday the Market II The Return

The second six week trial of a market on a Friday in Morpeth started last week and runs through to March 12th. This time there'll be a big effort to channel all feedback into the County Council's formal survey - which I've had a hand in refurbishing. I think the idea is that if the market is popular, then it'll just carry on into the summer. I know I'm already in discussions about how we can manage the market on the weekend of the Northumbrian Gathering (9th-10th April).

The actual market last Friday had about 16 stalls - but was fairly quiet. It was pouring with rain though. The weather on the Saturday for the farmers' market was better (if a bit cold over 4-5 hours) - and so far I've heard no indication that having three markets in the week diluted trade that much.

I see Northumberland CC has posted a voxpop video of responses to the first trial of the Friday market (last Oct) on U-tube:

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MessageForce said...

Though the friday market suggest that the market would become stable but lets see what happens when the market revives back on monday. Hope something good happens.