Saturday, 26 January 2008

Sainsbury's Exhibition

As of Saturday afternoon, Sainsbury's exhibition on their proposal to build a new store south of Stobhill had pulled in quite a lot of visitors. The organisers said that they reckoned some 60-70% of people were in favour - though from wyhat I saw the (?) 30-40% people opposing the scheme were far more vehement in their views.

I should point out that the proposal is against Council planning policy as I understand it - being on a greenfield site and outside the town boundary. The scheme also includes proposals for housing and an extension of the Coopies Lane industrial estate on the south side of the A189 - again both against Council planning policy (as I understand it)

I spoke the exhibition organisers about their local food sourcing commitments. I gather they have distribution depots in East Kilbride and Haydock supplying the North East - but the wagons take local produce back to these depots rather than running empty (so that's OK). They were publicisng 'Moorland' branded lamb rather than Northumberland lamb too - which was interesting. I've been promised details of their local supply network - which I'll post here when I get it.

They are still holding to their intention to get the planning application submitted in March - which will make it a topic for the Unitary Transitional Authority election on May 1st. Interesting - but maybe a distraction from other issues?

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