Saturday, 19 January 2008

A Delivery Service in Morpeth?

Well, the Co-Op Store went out with a whimper rather than a bang – people were wandering round a half-empty store commiserating over its closure and then moving on to Lidls and Morrisons with bafflement. I’ve written elsewhere about the loss of the Co-Op to Morpeth’s Fairtrade Town status – but the biggest loss seems likely to be the disappearance of a delivery service.

Which got me to thinking – why couldn’t someone run a delivery scheme serving customers of our local shops – for example the three butchers, two greengrocers, bakers, delis – and maybe even the Weds market?
You’d have thought the Chamber of Trade would have an interest in seeing something like this work – and certainly it’d be in keeping with the Greater Morpeth Development Trust’s remit for supporting Morpeth as a market town.

And if buying a van is too big a risk initially – there are several take-away delivery service vans that are hardly used during the day.

Just an idea….

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