Monday, 23 July 2007

Northumberland Car Share Scheme

Northumberland County Council are hosting a pretty good car share scheme open to anyone to join - but for some reason, they are keeping it secret...

Car Sharing in Northumberland

A car with 2 people in it is twice as efficient as a car with one person in, takes up half as much road space and emits half as much CO2.

Northumberland Car Share is a free and simple to use internet service provided by Northumberland County Council to encourage people to share their journeys.

Sharers can find potential matches by becoming a member of Northumberland Car Share at The site has been built and designed for every possible user, whether they are a driver/passenger or would simply like to find an alternative to getting out and about. The system tells them if anyone is going in the same direction, leaving it up to the user to make contact through e-mail or telephone to arrange to share the journey and cost.

Registering with Northumberland Car Share also allows members to search and be included on the national Liftshare database which has over 110,000 members and 20 million trips.

The scheme has been designed to be as safe and secure as possible, and no personal information will be revealed on-line. In addition, women can choose to travel only with other women, and men with other men.

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