Friday, 1 June 2007

An Unholy Alliance

I quite like the idea of being part of an 'Unholy Alliance' - as the Tory-Labour coalition now running the Borough Council has been dubbed. It's particularly interesting because - at least for the moment - the two parties seem to understand and trust me and the two Independents rather more than each other...

You have to feel sorry for the LibDems though. They've been 'in power' at the Borough Council - as part of coalitions with the Independents, with Labour, with everyone - for over eight years, and now when they have a huge election triumph with their highest ever number of seats, they find it's their turn to be in opposition.

Of course it didn't help that they went around before the election saying they couldn't work as part of an all-party coalition again - and their 'no holds barred' approach to electioneering seemed to overlook the point that they'd need to be working with at least some of the other parties after the election. You'd have thought that a party committed to proportional representation would have worked out a more integrated approach to coalition-building - and that holds true for their recent performances in the Scottish Parliament and the Welsh Assembly.

So - I've backed the "Unholy Alliance" because I think that the Tories and Labour need more help with their "Green" policies - and that the LibDems will make an effective opposition.

I sincerely hope we won't revert to inter-party squabbling and that we aren't in for a year(s)-long election campaign for a future Unitary Authority.

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wansbeckduck said...

NIC- WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THE CUSTARD PARTY SINCE THE MAY ELECTIONS? Have they taken the huff because the others believed them [for once] when they said they couldn't work as part of an all party coalition? Perhaps they are all learning IT skills so they can be better focussed. None of the new cussedturd party councillors have got their own web page going yet. Perhaps A Tebbut is giving them lessons. Mind you he is so busy that he has been unable do anything with his own page since October 2003