Monday, 16 May 2011

Alcohol Licensing in the Arcade

Barluga Deli moving into the Arcade and the Corbridge Larder cafe moving into the bus station have both put in for alcohol licenses, Corbridge Larder wanting both at table and off-license sales. Both are looking to serve alcohol from 8am through to 9pm or 9:30pm. I've got two main concerns which I've put through the Town Council....

i) why do they want to serve alcohol at 8am - do they expect people to order a full English breakfast and a glass of Chablis? I'd be happier if they waited till the 'sun was over the yardarm' - say midday at the earliest
ii) they both refer to the Sanderson Arcade security (beadles) and CCTV in their applications. Now - as far as I'm aware - apart from M&S, these are the first alcohol licenses in the Arcade - and I'm not aware that the beadles have had the appropriate training for dealing with drunks. And - again, as far as I'm aware - the beadles and CCTV finish at around 8pm to 9pm - so they are not going to provide closing time cover
- and that is particularly concerning if we have an off-license open to 9:30pm in the bus station which stays open - unstaffed till 11pm. I'd have thought it would become a magnet for drinkers who - for one reason or another - can't or don't want to drink in pubs or at home.
Hope the NCC North Area licensing committee thinks this through...

And another thing, so far as I'm aware, Corbridge Larder have not put in a planning application from change of use (from CMDA offices). Either an oversight - or they think that a retrospective application will be easier to get. if they already have the license. Licenses are much easier to get than planning permissions and are, I gather, often used as a 'back door' approach. As it is - I'm already concerned that the handful of cycle racks (a nod to an original planning condition) have been removed and aren't likely to be put back.

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Debbie Anderson said...

Debbie Anderson, Manager of the Sanderson Arcade replies:

Bar Luga

The Sanderson Arcade Beadles are fully trained in how to deal with drunks, as part of their SIA licence they have to be, they are also fortunate that they have been given the skills by a former Northumbria Police trainer in how to deal with conflict management, this training is monitored and reviewed on a regular basis and documented in their personnel files, furthermore Bar Luga is not a pub where people will be purchasing cheap drink and falling out of the doors, it is a well managed restaurant / deli establishment that will serve alcohol responsibly operated by an extremely professional organisation and I would be happy to arrange a visit to the Newcastle Bar Luga should you or any other councillors wish to see how they operate. Beadles are on duty during the entire opening hours of Sanderson Arcade as their role is to ensure public safety and act as fire marshalls. I work very closely with the owners of Bar Luga and have 100% faith in their operation.

Bike Racks

The bike racks are currently waiting to be installed to the side of Corbridge Larder opposite the entrance to Owen House, unfortunately the replacements were damaged and needed to be reordered, I am disappointed that you have no evidence to support your statement “have been removed and aren't likely to be put back” this is pure speculation on your part and incorrect.