Saturday, 13 September 2008

Roadworks - latest

The Northumbrian Water Limited (NWL) road works in Castle Square and up to Mafeking roundabout is over-running (understandably) because of technical and weather. They’ve been working 7-day weeks and nights – and should complete the top part up to the roundabout very soon.
I must say the burst water main at Mafeking roundabout (13th) was dramatic - but quite frightening for people in Middle Greens affected by the floods last week. Almost as if some crazed tourist impresario had decided to make flooding in Morpeth a weekly event.

NWL will return during the October half term to complete the work at Goose Hill. Two way traffic will be maintained at all times - we're told.

No other roadworks are planned for the next three months (clear to Christmas) apart from the Back Riggs redevelopment and some repairs where the floods lifted the road surface (Gas House Lane, Chantry Place etc)

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