Friday, 2 May 2008

Election News

Thanks to all 303 people who voted for me in Morpeth North. Sadly there just weren't enough of you to get me elected.

David Moore, the LibDem now represents Morpeth North on the new unitary authority - part of a 'clean sweep' which sees LibDems representing Morpeth in all three unitary authority seats. Good luck to them! (They'll need it)

Overall - the new authority comprises 26 LibDems, 17 Labour, 17 Tory and 7 Independents. Since you need 34 councillors to get a controlling majority - I'm watching closely to see what combination comes together to take control (if any).

Which reminds me - a sad farewell to Mark Henderson (Chief Executive of the old County Council) - sad because of all the Council tax money he's taking with him by way of bonuses etc. I gather he's setting up as a consultant - I only hope the new authority do not decide to 'outsource' the role of Chief Exec.

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